Workation and Remote Work Spots in Budapest

Top 5 free remote work spots in Budapest

Dreaming of a workation in Budapest? Wondering where remote work without spending a penny is possible? Here’s a tip: dive into the local culture by working from Budapest’s cafes and libraries, all without the cost of a coworking space. I’ve personally visited all these cosy and quiet spots, so you get the best!

1. Massolit Books & Café

remote work at the massolit cafe. you can see the entrance to this cute vintage cafe of budapest

Entrance door to the MassolitBudapest Café

Welcome to Massolit Books & Café – a charming place with delicious coffee, cakes, digital nomads, students and locals. It’s the perfect café for working remotely in Budapest. The atmosphere is relaxed and you can order your coffee in English if your Hungarian isn’t quite ready.

But wait, there’s more! This is also a small second-hand bookshop with the motto ‘read, love, share’. Most of the books are in English, so you’ll feel right at home. Head to the back for comfy chairs and a cute garden.

Insider tip: Check out the back room for extra comfy seating!

2. Ervin Szabó Library

The picture stands for Workation and remote work in Budapest. On the left you can see a red book trolley and behind it on the right a two-storey baroque building, which is supposed to represent the Szabo Ervin Library.

The Front of Ervin Szabó Library 

Located on Kálvin Square, the Ervin Szabó Library is famous for its 4th floor, where you can study and read in stunning Neo-Baroque and Neo-Renaissance ballrooms. Membership comes with free Wi-Fi, making it a budget-friendly remote work spot.

Budapest Szabo Ervin Library on the 4th floor

4th Floor of Ervin Szabo Library 

The library used to be the Wenckheim Palace, built in 1887.

Insider tip: You can get an annual membership for just 400 forints (about €1.00) if you have a fixed address. Otherwise a tourist card costs 7,00 €.

3. Parliament Library

Interior of the Budapest Parliament Library

Main Room of the Parliament Library

The Parliament Library is another top spot for remote work, although it requires online registration. It’s worth the effort! Imagine working surrounded by wooden walls, chandeliers and a double spiral staircase leading to more reading rooms and a gallery overlooking the Danube.

4. Kelet Café

Kelet Café, one of the first cafés on Bartók Béla Street, is ideal for reading, working remotely, or relaxed chats. It’s cozy with vintage decor and window seating. In summer, you can even sit outside. They also host language exchange meetings, so you might make some new friends!

5. California Coffee Company

For a more conventional workation café, head to California Coffee Company. This popular chain is a favorite among students and digital nomads. With good Wi-Fi and a welcoming atmosphere, you can work for hours with just one cup of coffee.

So, pack your laptop and get ready to explore these fantastic spots for remote work in Budapest. Enjoy the coffee, the culture, and the beautiful surroundings – all without breaking the bank!

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